Intelligent Power for Intelligent Farms

Digital Electricity for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

The Safest Way to Power Your Farm

Digital Electricity™ protects your employees, agtech equipment, crop and entire facility from the conventional hazards of electricity. Based on a revolutionary Packet Energy Transfer protocol, VoltServer distributes power via discrete energy packets every few milliseconds coupled with 500 safety checks per second.

In the event of a fault, power is shut off within milliseconds before harm can be done to your colleagues, crops, and other valuable assets.

Classified by the National Electrical Code (NEC) as a Limited Power Source according to Article 725 and certified to IEC 62368-1, Digital Electricity is inherently safe and compliant to the latest engineering and product safety standards.

High-tech power distribution for your high-tech farm


A revolutionary Packetized Energy Transfer protocol protects your employees and facility from electrical hazards with safety checks every few milliseconds


Fast and simple to deploy, Digital Electricity requires a fraction of the time and cost to install compared to conventional electricity


Power LEDs with flexible 18AWG cable from a centralized location: omitting conduit, circuit breakers, LED drivers and other costly infrastructure


Monitor, program and optimize energy consumption, DLI, photoperiod and more with native, data-based control software

Safety Pays Off - Reduce the Cost of Building & Operating Your CEA Facility

Conventional electricity is dangerous. And that danger comes at a cost.

Not only is Digital Electricity™ safer than conventional electricity, it also costs less when the true price of power distribution is revealed.

Conduit, GFCIs and certified labor are just a few expenses CEA facility owners incur to mitigate electrical hazards. Due to its inherent safety and classification as a Limited Power Source, you can install Digital Electricity™ without conduit, circuit breakers and with minimal certified labor.

Replacing sunlight accounts for nearly 50 percent of the entire cost of an indoor vertical farm. Of that, 70 percent goes to power distribution. The cost of installing power with VoltServer is typically 20 percent less than conventional electricity, saving hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in capital expenses.

With 96% efficiency and intelligent control, facility managers have the energy savings and data to significantly reduce operational costs.

  • Eliminate phantom loads with real-time monitoring/auditing
  • Throttle down power to reduce peak demand charges

Digital Electricity can be installed 80% faster than conventional electricity.

Discover VoltServer Applications Around the World



Sinclair Hotel


Hard Rock Stadium

Super Bowl LIV

Westfield Schools

New Jersey

Greenseal Cannabis


Barclays Center Arena


Circa Resort & Casino


Northern Fire Cannabis


KelTech IoT


Facebook Rural SuperCell

New Mexico

Flexible Power For What Comes Next

Easily adapt to changing cultivation strategies, market dynamics and customer demands with a physically and digitally flexible power infrastructure.

Unlike conventional electricity which is static, Digital Electricity™ is a dynamic platform. Flexible cable can easily be installed and re-configured as cultivation strategies change.

Remove conventional LED drivers from the grow room (and the equation all together). Not only does this reduce the cost of LED fixtures by roughly 30%, it increases overall system reliability and reduced latent heat loads within the growing environment.

With a centralized power source, you can power two flower rooms (with alternating 12-hour photoperiods) with the same DE Cabinet – further reducing costs and stranded assets.

Reduce AC main transformer requirements by 50%

Take Control of Your Controlled-Environment

Digital Electricity™ is natively data-based with inherent intelligence built-in. Monitor and control LED fixtures from any location with included software. Monitor, throttle and audit power consumption in real-time.

Native photoperiod, DLI and PPFD software gives growers complete control over lighting schedules.

Facility managers can monitor and adjust power consumption in real-time to reduce peak-demand usage (and charges).

Power outage? Automatically set your grow lights to run at reduced intensity when on a generator to maintain photoperiod until power is restored.

Should You Consider DE For Your CEA Facility?

The Digital Electricity™ Platform 

It took us more time to unpack the boxes than to install the Digital Electricity system... It really did!

The ability to eliminate the standard conduit of electrical distribution infrastructure and replace that with a simple cable basketing and multi-conductor cables, [allows us to be] much quicker to market.

Power your 21st Century Farm with 21st Century Technology

Interested in how Digital ElectricityTM can help power your CEA Facility?