Digital Electricity™ Powers Converged Infrastructure

Smart Buildings and Factories of the future will leverage ultra-high-speed wireless coupled with IoT, M2M communications, AI, and machine learning. This converged infrastructure will bring benefits of reducing operating costs, improving responsiveness, higher efficiencies, and creating a safer environment.

These converged applications require connectivity and power at each device. It requires a resilient power distribution solution that supports a variety of dispersed devices.

Read the latest Digital Electricity™ application guide to learn:

  • How to get power where it is needed
  • How to deploy the power infrastructure quickly and inexpensively
  • How to provide back-up power to business and safety critical applications
  • How to provide flexibility to future-proof as technology and business needs evolve

VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ is installed in hundreds of marquee venues including sports stadiums and arenas, airports, hotels, hospitals, and Class A office buildings.

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