VoltServer Takes Digital Electricity to School

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“Working with the professional’s at VoltServer has allowed Westfield to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution,” said Brian Auker, Westfield’s Chief Technology Officer. “Their staff has guided us through the project to ensure that our outcomes far exceed our expectations. VoltServer is one of the top vendors that we have ever had the pleasure of working with.” With Digital Electricity, the district will be able to expand the electrical power plant while reducing electrical costs to seamlessly deliver power to devices throughout the school district.

VoltServer Powers Cutting Edge Technology at Westfield Public Schools

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Public schools may not be the first use case that comes to your mind when you think of cutting-edge enterprise technology. The Westfield Public Schools is a K through 12 public school district in Westfield, NJ. There are 10 different buildings across the township managed by a coordinated IT services team. The team has learned that it pays to adopt intelligent, converged infrastructure. The district has been able to save tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars for capital expenses and even more in ongoing operating expenses by implementing an IP based infrastructure. The power backbone of that system is provided by VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ technology.

VoltServer Deployed at Circa Resort

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VoltServer was excited to be included as one of the major technology features described in the recent Las Vegas Circa Hotel opening. The hotel focuses on clean air and clean facility operation in a post-COVID environment. As quoted in the Las Vegas Review Journal by co-owner Greg Stevens, ”Digital Electricity™ is more reliable than the traditional version,” Greg says, “and very, very clean.” Should the hotel lose power, guests may not even notice. “Really, for a guest,” he says, “even in a full power outage, you’re going to have Wi-Fi. You’re going to have your thermostat. You’re going to have some communication devices — the phone, iPad — and a couple of lights.”

VoltServer Digital Electricity™ Powers the "First Intelligent Building" in Texas

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Farukh Aslam is a real estate developer in Fort Worth who is currently remodeling 3 Historic buildings in downtown Fort Worth. In late 2013 he bought the Sinclair Building, an art deco masterpiece built in 1929 and on the National Register of Historic Buildings, to redevelop it as a luxury Marriott Autograph Hotel. During this time Aslam was exploring low voltage LED lighting.

VoltServer in Connected Real Estate Magazine: Power that is Safe

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When electricity stays within its designated circuit, power flowing along its expected path, amazing things happen. Electricity injects life into almost all of the modern conveniences we enjoy today. When electricity leaves its designated circuit, however, either through loose connections or an unsuspecting person touching an exposed wire, tragedies can happen. But what if the circuit was smart enough to stop the flow of electricity in the split second when dangerous amounts of electricity begin to escape?

Digital Electricity™ Powers GPON Optical LAN for Amtrak Headquarters

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Optical LAN technology has gained significant market share in recent years. VT Group has already deployed GPON connectivity at classified government projects, health care and corporate facilities, and some of the largest resorts in North America.