Transforming Small Cell Deployments with Digital Electricity

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The deployment of small cell networks in high-density urban environments is an expensive and time-consuming process. Powering of small cell networks requires additional specialized sets of electrical designs, implementations, tests, and commission resources; increasing overall time and deployment costs. VoltServer worked closely with KelTech IoT to tackle this challenge by combining the fundamentals of a communication network, i.e., data and power, in an ‘all-digital’ solution, significantly reducing the dedicated resources needed to power a small cell network. The Dual Distributed Network (DDN) approach results in a smaller, quicker, more cost effective and safer implementation.

VoltServer Joins the KLA Labs KLArity Ecosystem Partners Platform


Dearborn, Michigan based KLA Laboratories, Inc., a 92-year-old family-owned firm providing a range of information technology and communication projects and services, is proud to announce VoltServer as a partner in the KLArity Ecosystem Partners Platform. The Platform was created to enable KLA to help their customers navigate the landscape of emerging technologies and the integration of those solutions in their respective environments and facilities.

Build Cost-efficient and Energy-saving Communications Infrastructure with ADRF and VoltServer


5G is poised to bring innovation to supply chains through massive IoT capabilities, enable advanced artificial intelligence applications as well as augmented and virtual reality experiences at scale to improve operational efficiencies and reinvent workflows.

VoltServer helps ExteNet reduce costs and speed delivery of in-building/in-venue mobile network installations


VoltServer partner ExteNet is featured in the first print issue of Connected Real Estate Magazine. Extenet uses VoltServer’s Digital Electricity technology to reduce deployment costs and improve delivery times for in-building DAS installations.

Digital Electricity powers EE tethered drones for Emergency Response and Rural Broadband


UK Mobile carrier EE, recently demonstrated deployment of “on demand” 4G network coverage for using VoltServer Digital Electricity for power.