VoltServer Raises $5 Million

Funding fuels expansion of installations with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), as well as extending reach to Fiber FTTx, smart LED lighting, critical power/ UPS and alternative energy applications


EAST GREENWICH, RI. — VoltServer, a technology leader reinventing how electrical energy is distributed, announced today that it has raised $5M in a Series A2 round of funding. This A2 round was led by Marker Hill Capital, and joined by NRCM and Clean Energy Venture Group. These are the same investors, along with the Slater Technology Fund and Angel Street Capital, that funded VoltServer’s A and A1 tranches totaling $5.5M, bringing VoltServer’s total capital raised to $10.5M. The funding was driven by substantial mobile network operator (MNO) demand for the company’s innovative and patent-protected Digital Electricity™. VoltServer remote powering solutions speed installation, significantly reduce equipment, cable and labor costs, and more efficiently power the equipment needed to densify 4G LTE and WiFi service in buildings and venues. This financing strongly positions the company to support multiple ongoing mobility deployments and trials throughout the world, while expanding its remote powering solutions into adjacent markets including converged fiber optic communications (FTTx, POL), smart LED lighting, centralized battery-backed/critical power/UPS, data center and alternative energy applications.

VoltServer has invented and patented a new way to distribute power called Digital Electricity™. Analogous to the way that music and video has evolved from vinyl records to MP3s, VoltServer is the first company to commercialize the distribution of electricity in natively digital format. The technology combines energy and data into energy packets and transfers hundreds of packets each second from a VoltServer transmitter unit to a receiver unit. The transmitter verifies the transfer of each packet. If there is improper wiring, a short circuit, or a person is touching the transmission lines, the transmitter recognizes the condition in 0.003 seconds and will not send any more energy packets. The result is touch-safe electrical transmission at high power levels and an inherent ability to digitally control a host of modern electronic devices connected to the distribution system.

VoltServer began shipping in early 2015, and is powering 4G/LTE mobile services in many large sports stadiums, office towers, hotels, condominiums and medical buildings. According to Cisco Systems, 80% of all mobile traffic now occurs indoors*. According to ABI Research, in-building wireless equipment and deployment will double to $9B annually by the year 2020 to meet this growing indoor need**. VoltServer has chosen this very large and proven market to initially showcase the immediate ROI realizable with Digital Electricity™ solutions.

“Marker Hill Capital is pleased to have led the latest round of investment in VoltServer,” said Bob Fanch, Chairman of Marker Hill Capital. “We see enormous potential in VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ technology, which will be a disruptive technology across a wide range of applications. And VoltServer has an outstanding management team that will enable VoltServer to realize this potential.”

“We are fortunate and grateful to have such a committed, patient and helpful set of investors,” said Steve Eaves, VoltServer Founder and CEO. “VoltServer’s success depends on building a great team, including great investors, to achieve our goals in delivering Digital Electricity™ globally, and across multiple vertical markets. This investor team has allowed us to build a strong foundation and early commercial success on that journey”.

VoltServer will be showing live demonstrations of their Digital Electricity™ solutions this week at the GreenBuild Expo, in the Net Zero Energy Zone: DCfusion booth #4322, November 18 & 19 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.

About VoltServer, Inc.

VoltServer is a venture-backed technology leader reinventing how electrical energy is distributed. VoltServer’s patented Digital Electricity™ solutions deliver touch-safe electricity where, when, and how it is needed. Digital Electricity™ can be delivered using off-the-shelf data cable, at significantly reduced cost, and with greater speed, power, distance, efficiency, intelligence, and flexibility, when compared to competing electrical installations. VoltServer began shipping in early 2015, and is installed today powering 4G/LTE mobile services in many large sports stadiums, office towers, hotel, condominium and medical buildings.


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** https://www.abiresearch.com/press/led-by-north-america-the-in-building-wireless-mark/