VoltServer’s innovative and patent-protected Digital Electricity™ remote powering solutions speed installation, significantly reduce equipment, cable and labor costs, and more efficiently power the equipment needed to densify 4G LTE and WiFi service in buildings and venues.

Remotely power & Centrally back up:


  • DAS remotes
  • Small Cells
  • Radio Heads
  • Mobile Edge Servers

Power Over Ethernet Switches

  • Wi-Fi
  • Security Cameras
  • PoE LTE Small Cells
  • IoT Sensors
  • PLC Controllers
  • Smart LED Lighting

VoltServer began shipping in early 2015, and is powering 4G/LTE mobile services in over 200 large sports stadiums, office towers, hotels, condominiums and medical buildings. According to Cisco Systems, 80% of all mobile traffic now occurs indoors*. According to ABI Research, in-building wireless equipment and deployment will double to $9B annually by the year 2020 to meet this growing indoor need**. VoltServer has chosen this very large and proven market to initially showcase the immediate ROI realizable with Digital Electricity™ solutions.

VoltServer is also expanding its remote powering solutions into adjacent markets including converged fiber optic communications (FTTx, POL), smart LED lighting, centralized battery-backed/critical power/UPS, data center and alternative energy applications.

Please contact us and let us know if you have a project or wish to participate in a pilot in any of these markets!

VoltServer Installed Today In:

  • Large Sports Venues
  • Office Towers
  • Condominiums
  • Medical Buildings
  • Hotel Tower
  • DC Microgrid
  • Airport Terminal
  • Hospital
  • Convention Center
  • DC Powered Residential Pilot
  • Outdoor “O-DAS” & Small Cell Pilots
  • Outdoor Fiber/FTTx Trials

VoltServer Applications:

  • Mobile Radio Power:
    4G LTE, 5G, Carrier WiFi
    DAS, Small Cell, Macro, AP
  • Power Over Ethernet Switches:
    Wi-Fi, IoT, Security Cameras
    LED lights, PLC Controllers
  • High Speed Communications Power:
  • Smart LED Lighting Power
  • UPS/Centralized Battery Back-Up
  • DC Microgrid