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VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ is a fault managed power solution that is reducing CAPEX for indoor farms like Hard Fresh’s Americus facility, by radically simplifying the installation of power distribution. By eliminating 75% of conventional electrical equipment, VoltServer not only reduces maintenance expenses but also enhances energy efficiency, leading to substantial OPEX reductions.


CAPEX Reduction


Energy Efficiency Improvement


Cost Savings

*Results are based on previous customer outcomes. Individual projects may produce different results.​

Revolutionize Indoor Agriculture with Enhanced Efficiency, Safety, and Control

VoltServer Digital Electricity solutions for CEA, reduces the amount of time, equipment and labor required to install power distribution and control to LEDs and other loads resulting in greater resiliency, safety, and an improved growing environment.

Long Distance + High Power

Digital Electricity eliminates over 75% of the components required to distribute power to LED, including LED drivers in grow spaces.

Comprehensive Management

Unlike traditional systems, with Digital Electricity, growers can control, monitor, and schedule each individual LED from a single, centralized location.

Accelerated Installation Speed

Installation can be accomplished with uncertified labor using ethernet-like wiring methods, making it about 5X faster than traditional AC infrastructure— significantly reducing labor installation costs and increasing speed-to-market.

Simpler + Cost Effective

Eliminating thousands of electronic components, like drivers from grow spaces, reduces wiring complexity, construction costs, and energy use.

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Indoor Agriculture Architecture

Leveraging Digital Electricity™, VoltServer’s Fault Managed Power Systems help deliver cost-effective, safe, and high-reliability power where and when you need it.

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Insights + Success Stories

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As the first company to invent, patent, and commercialize the distribution of electricity in a natively digital format, we are the market experts, educators, and knowledge center for FMPS.

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