Powering a decade of transformation.

VoltServer’s History

About VoltServer

For decades, PoE and DAS solutions have been the standard for mobile communications, intelligent buildings, and indoor agriculture operations around the globe. Although lower-voltage solutions may have worked in the past, today’s energy demands are significantly higher. Organizations are having a hard time delivering the amount of energy in the correct form when it’s needed. Even more challenging is the need to make high-voltage energy both safe and cost-effective in large venues. 

VoltServer’s founder and CEO, Stephen Eaves, knew the energy sector needed smarter, transformation-friendly solutions. His goal was simple: to make electricity inherently safe. With his 15 patents and patents pending for energy storage and power conversion, Eaves set out to make his mission a reality. 

Eaves used his 20+ years in the industry to incorporate VoltServer in 2011. Our company officially opened its doors in July of 2013 and assembled a small but expert team to lead operations. Thanks to our leadership, partners, and venture capital backing, VoltServer began shipping products in early 2015. 

Our patented Digital Electricity™ solution revolutionizes how we distribute power across buildings, campuses, and even cities. Power IoT devices, routers, wireless access points, LEDs, digital signage, and more with reliable and safe high voltage energy from VoltServer.

From our headquarters in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, VoltServer continues to develop and deliver our innovative power distribution platform. Today, you’ll find our Digital Electricity™ powering over 700 large sports stadiums, office towers, hotels, condominiums, medical buildings, and more. We enable 5G mobile communications, intelligent building optimization, and high-yield indoor agriculture with the power of safe, high-voltage energy. 

The VoltServer Story

VoltServer is creating the future of energy. For over ten years, our team has tirelessly worked to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 


Stephen Eaves incorporates VoltServer


Slater Technology Fund invests $250,000 in VoltServer


VoltServer closes $2M in Series A financing

VoltServer closes $2M in Series A financing with Rhode Island Slater Center, Marker Hill Capital, Natural Resources Capital Management, Angel Street Capital, and the Clean Energy Venture Group.

VoltServer opens its headquarters in East Greenwich, Rhode Island


US Department of Energy “Plug-and-Play” Solar research project

We partner with the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems for the US Department of Energy’s “Plug-And-Play” Solar research project. 


VoltServer begins shipping Digital Electricity™ solutions

1st Generation power transmitters and receivers

VoltServer receives $1M Department of Energy Grant

The US Department of Energy grants $1M to VoltServer through its Phase II SBIR grant program.

VoltServer raises $5M in Series A2 funding

VoltServer raises $5M in Series A2 funding by Marker Hill Capital, NRCM, and Clean Energy Venture Group.


VoltServer powers Willis Tower in Chicago

Digital Electricity enables wireless connectivity on the Sky Deck atop the 103rd floor of the former Sears Tower with clear observation boxes & views extending to four states.


Generation 2 of Digital Electricity Introduced

VoltServer begins shipping Generation 2 models of the platform with enhanced capabilities

Digital Electricity powers EE tethered drones for Emergency Response and Rural Broadband

UK Mobile carrier EE, demonstrates deployment of “on demand” 4G network coverage for using VoltServer Digital Electricity for power

Digital Electricity™ Powers GPON Optical LAN for Amtrak Headquarters

AMtrak team incorporates Digital Electricity to enhance transmission performance


Sinclair Autograph Hotel

 Digital Electricity™ powers the first intelligent building in the State of Texas. 


VoltServer raises $7.4 million in Series A funding

VoltServer raises $7.4 million in Series A funding with Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs.


VoltServer Powers the Big Game at Miami Stadium

For the third consecutive year, VoltServer Digital Electricity™ was the power that kept mobile communications running for thousands of fans at the biggest football game of the season

Digital Electricity mentioned on Freakonomics Radio

Dan Doctoroff, CEO at Sidewalk Labs, discusses Digital Electricity in episode 435 – Why are cities (still) so expensive?

CleanTech Award Nomination

New England Venture Capitalist Association’s NEVY Awards nominates VoltServer as a Powerhouse CleanTech Company.

Herman Miller, LOGICDATA and VoltServer team up to tackle the Flex Office

Using Digital Electricity™, the team was able to obtain end-to-end safety certifications and full power at each desk at high efficiency at a range of up to 1000 feet

VoltServer Powers Facebook’s SuperCell

New “SuperCell” technology to provide rural broadband coverage


AFWERX Finalist

VoltServer is a finalist in the US Air Force’s AFWERX innovation challenge. 

We make the impossible possible.

VoltServer’s patented process safely delivers electricity how, when, and where it’s needed most. Our solution is best used for: 

  • Remote locations in buildings that don’t have a power source. 
  • Locations that require long-distance power. 
  • Mission-critical infrastructure that requires resilient, centralized backup power.