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Digital Electricity™ is a revolutionary technology developed by VoltServer that enables electricity distribution in a natively digital format. It combines the convenience and safety of low-voltage systems like Power over Ethernet (PoE) with AC’s power and distance capabilities, leading to more efficient and cost-effective power distribution.

Digital Electricity™ represents a significant advancement in power distribution technology. Unlike analog electricity, which has remained relatively unchanged since 1886, Digital Electricity™ offers improved safety, efficiency, and control. It is recognized as a dedicated section in the 2023 National Electric Code and Underwriters Laboratory, highlighting its importance and potential impact.

Digital Electricity™ has diverse applications across various industries. Some key applications include:

  • Wireless Densification: Digital Electricity™ facilitates granular and accurate power delivery control in wireless communication networks, enhancing connectivity for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), DRAN and mmWave 5G and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Industry 4.0: Digital Electricity™ enables cost effective, reliable power to industrial edge PoE networks supporting low latency deployments.
  • Intelligent Buildings: It provides smart and cost-effective property technology solutions, allowing for seamless power delivery and control of security and lighting systems.
  • Indoor Agriculture: Digital Electricity™ enables precise and efficient power delivery for lighting and environmental systems in indoor farming operations.

Digital Electricity™ offers several advantages, empowering businesses and organizations to:

  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX: By optimizing power delivery and eliminating the need for traditional power delivery methods, Digital Electricity™ lower capital expenditure (CAPEX) and ongoing operating expenses (OPEX).
  • Enhance Efficiency and Control: The granular control of power delivery enables businesses to manage lighting, environmental systems, and other devices with higher efficiency.
  • Improve Safety: Digital Electricity™ is the basis of Fault Managed Power (FMP). FmP ensures safe power distribution and reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

For additional information, resources, and case studies on Digital Electricity™ and its applications, you can visit voltserver.com/resources. We provide application guides, education platforms, white papers, and events & news updates to help you explore the potential of our innovative technology.