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Solving the world’s power

From state-of-the-art venues to vertical farms, and beyond, we deliver proven power distribution solutions that are intelligently efficient, inherently safe, and setting a new standard for reliability, resiliency and reach.

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Wireless Densification
Delivering remote power solutions for high-bandwidth 5G and Wi-Fi networks
Intelligent Buildings​
Revolutionizing real estate with smart, cost-effective and seamless power delivery
Indoor Agriculture​
Increasing control over lighting and environmental systems with higher efficiency
Industrial Transformation​
Powering automation, improved manufacturing processes, and production optimization

Revolutionary Innovative Efficient Digital Electricity

Leading-Edge Technology​
VoltServer's leading-edge Digital Electricity technologies have provided optimal, efficient, and resilient power solutions around the world for almost a decade.​
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Rapid Deployment
Power can be delivered in existing data pathways or even in the same cable as fiber optics - it is less disruptive to tenants to deploy (and in many regions, permits are not required).
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Cost Effective
Utilizing existing data pathways, leveraging hybrid fiber cable, and a smaller electrical room footprint decreases commodity costs (and more wire can be used per raceway).
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Energy Efficient
Reduces consumed material by eliminating the need for conduit. Reduces proliferation of lead acid batteries in edge locations. The platform is extremely energy efficient and can qualify for leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) credits.
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Inherently Safe
Our innovative approach reduces the danger to installers, occupants, and guests, allowing for safe power delivery at levels into the 1000s of watts and stopping hazardous current within milliseconds by eliminating the fundamental dangers of AC or HVDC electricity.
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Dedicated Team
Our team of solution engineers help design our product into your application and find the best solutions that address your specific requirements, ensuring your success and satisfaction.
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Reliable Service
VoltServer power distribution technologies provide the resilient and uninterruptible power supply mission-critical systems require.
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NEC Certified
Digital Electricity™ is recognized as a dedicated section in the 2023 National Electric Code and Underwriters Laboratory, referred to as “Fault Managed Power Systems” or “Class 4 Power,” signifying its importance and potential impact.
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A Rally Cry For Re-imagineers

With our patented Digital Electricity solutions, we continue to redefine intelligent power distribution –
leading the industry in innovation today re-imagining the future of energy.

Insights + Success Stories​

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    GFCI Requirements for Horticulture LEDs in Greenhouses and Indoor Farms
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Insights + Success Stories

Intro to Fault Managed
Power Systems

As the first company to invent, patent, and commercialize the distribution of electricity in a natively digital format, we are the market experts, educators, and knowledge center for FMPS.

Circa Resort & Casino lights up the LasVegas strip powered by VoltServer

This landmark is capitalizing on cutting-edge tech to power critical electrical infrastructure.

Case Study_Sinclair-Building-Voltserver

The displacement of traditional AC infrastructure in Hotel Guest Rooms with Zone-based, Digital Electricity™ Technology


GFCI Requirements for Horticulture LEDs in Greenhouses and Indoor Farms

Our customers + partners say it best

"The VoltServer team worked with our design team from the beginning to ensure the best possible application of Digital Electricity'™ to help determine where it provided the most value for Circa."
Greg Stevens
Owner of Circa Resort and Casino
"Digital Electricity™ is a breakthrough, offering a less expensive, safer, and more efficient way to distribute electricity that can make buildings more affordable and flexible."
Dan Doctoroff
Chairman and CEO of Sidewalk Labs
"The ability to eliminate the standard conduit of electrical distribution infrastructure and replace that with a simple cable basketing and multi-conductor cables, allows us to be much quicker to market."
Chris Murray
Master Electrician at GreenSeal Cannabis
“Working with the professional’s at VoltServer has allowed Westfield to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.
Brian Auker
Westfield Schools CTO
"It took us more time to unpack the boxes than to install the Digital Electricity system for Northern Fire Cannabis... It really did!"
Bill Garrock
President of Cunningham Electric

Our customers + partners say it best

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