Try Our Digital Electricity™ Starter Kit
The Digital Electricity
Starter Kit* Includes:
ETX-8 Power Transmitter – Converts 110VAC single
phase power to Digital Electricity™
RX-AC Power Receiver – Converts Digital Electricity™
to 1.4KW 200VAC Power
100’ Pre-terminated Plenum 2 Pair Belden Digital
Electricity™ Cable
2’ C14 Power Cord
3’ C7 Power Cord
3’ C5 Power Cord
Power these 208VAC compatible devices with
Digital Electricity™ at up to 1.4kW
Power Over Ethernet switches
Wall-mounted digital displays, up to 70”
Remote IT racks
Building management system control panels
Small to medium-sized office printers
Office Workstations with all IT loads (USB, Laptop Charging)


*All devices must accept 208VAC single phase power. Note most IT devices are designed to accept 110-240VAC range of input power. To accommodate a large range of target devices, your evaluation kit will be shipped with a 2’ C14 cable, a 3’ C7 cable and a 3’ C5 cable. This kit is not approved for life critical of medical applications. The kit is not suitable for powering loads with large “in-rush” currents such as pumps, fans or anything with a motor in it exceeding 75 Watts (1/10 HP)