Digital Electricity™ Transmitters

Digital Electricity™ Transmitters convert conventional analog electricity into Digital Electricity™ for
distribution from a centralized source to many endpoint loads to energize your application.

VoltServer Transmitters are a component in a

Digital Electricity™ line powering system.

When paired with a VoltServer Receiver unit, a Digital Electricity™ system is formed. 

VoltServer Transmitters are listed products, certified to safety and EMC standards by a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory.
Transmitter configurations are designed to support different input power options:
• 100-277 VAC Mains • High Voltage DC Microgrids • 48 VDC Battery Plants
Product Code: PTX500E-DC
2U, DC powered, up to four 1350W Power Modules, 24 Slot Transmitter shelf, MGT500E Management module, and 1xPM500-48DC
Product Code: PTX500E-DC-3U-VS
3U, DC powered, up to eight 1350W Power Modules, 24 Slot Transmitter shelf, MGT500E Management module, and 1xPM500-48DC. 5x45 degree power and grounding lugs
Product Code: PM500-DC48-VS
1350W Power Supply Module for PTX500 or PTX500E
Product Code: PCX500E-AC-02-VS
2U, AC powered, up to four 3000W Power Modules, 24 Slot Transmitter shelf, MGT500E Management module, and 1x PM500-AC - Rear cover with Conduit Knock-Outs on Rear and Side faces. For use with 1 inch (27mm) or 1.5 inch (41mm) Conduit
Product Code: PM500-AC-VS
3000W Power Supply Module for PCX500, PCX500E and ETX8
Product Code: COVER-001
Front cover for empty DE Transmitter power module slots
Product Code: ETX8-SA
1U, AC powered Transmitter Shelf, 3000W maximum aggregate output, 8 Digital Electricity Outputs - One C20 connector on Rear, up to 250VAC Input (Enterprise Applications)
Product Code: TX550-01-VS
DE Line Card for PTX and PCX Transmitters
Product Code: CBL-TX550-01
TX550 to Phoenix Connector pre-terminated cable, 10Ft, 20AWG
Product Code: TRMBLK-01-19-8
Transmitter Terminal Blocks & DIN Rail
 Populated with 8 x 4 Pair Positions per 19" DIN Rail
Product Code: OVPDIN-12
Primary Protection CITEL OVP 
 12 Pairs protected per 19" DIN Rail
Product Code: OVPDIN-24
Primary Protection CITEL OVP 
 24 Pairs protected per 19" DIN Rail

Digital Electricity™ Receivers

VoltServer Receivers play an integral role in a Digital Electricity™ line powering system. Combined with a VoltServer Transmitter unit, they form a powerful Digital Electricity™ system.


VoltServer offers high-quality accessories designed to meet your specific application and venue requirements. Our accessories enhance the performance and reliability of your electrical infrastructure, ensuring seamless and efficient power delivery.

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