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VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ is a fault-managed power solution that expedites installations and reduces new construction and renovation costs. Our innovative solutions provide flexible, zone-based deployment of power and data with centralized backup capabilities. When paired with renewable energy and storage systems, it enables sustainable and efficient DC buildings.


Reduction in electrical costs


Power + Distance


LEED credits

*Results are based on previous customer outcomes. Individual projects may produce different results.​

Intelligent buildings that rely on
Fault Managed Power, Digital Electricity™:

Digital Electricity for
Intelligent Buildings Advantages

VoltServer's Digital Electricity™ solutions are a cost-effective power system that simplifies installations and makes buildings more sustainable.

Accelerated Installation Speed

Installs more quickly and at a lower cost in new construction and deep renovation projects.

Flexible Infrastructure

Enables the flexible deployment of power and data precisely where they are needed, on a zone basis, while maintaining centralized backup capabilities.

Safer Installation

Digital Electricity™ reduces the risk of shock and fire hazards compared to conventional AC wiring.

DC Compatibility

When combined with renewable energy sources and storage systems, Digital Electricity™ creates a fully functional DC building.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Eliminating thousands of electronic components, like drivers from grow spaces, reduces wiring complexity, construction costs, and energy use.

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Intelligent Building Architecture

Leveraging Digital Electricity™, VoltServer’s Fault Managed Power System

Insight + Success Stories

The First Net-Zero Hotel Powered by Digital Electricity™

This landmark is capitalizing on cutting-edge tech to power critical electrical infrastructure

Supporting energy efficient power solutions for Climate Pledge Arena

Named after the Climate Pledge, a LEED Certified, functional zero waste facility.

Circa Resort & Casino lights up the LasVegas strip powered by VoltServer

This landmark is capitalizing on cutting-edge tech to power critical electrical infrastructure.

Low-cost, High-Efficiency Lighting & Building controls with PET

Digital Electricity technology revolutionizes electrical installations, offering 30% cost reduction in commercial lighting projects.

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