Digital Electricity™ Powers GPON Optical LAN for Amtrak Headquarters

Optical LAN technology has gained significant market share in recent years. VT Group has already deployed GPON connectivity at classified government projects, health care and corporate facilities, and some of the largest resorts in North America.

In the case of the Amtrak headquarters solution, maximum uptime and reliability were of paramount importance. Because of this, a hybrid fiber/copper infrastructure was the solution.

Because of the inherent drop in voltage that occurs over copper wire, Reale’s team also incorporated digital electricity to enhance transmission performance. This emerging technology combines DC power and data into packets that are transmitted and received in a manner somewhat analogous to the way information packets are conveyed over networks.

“Digital electricity allows us to push power out to much longer distances without having to plan for the normal voltage drop – and without having massive copper wire size,” says Reale. “We incorporate this technology into our designs when centralized power is a must and on projects when the facility’s design doesn’t support traditional cable lengths – such as rail stations, airports and sports venues.”

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