VoltServer Powers the Big Game at Miami Stadium

MIAMI, FL — For the third consecutive year, VoltServer Digital Electricity™ was the power that kept mobile communications running for thousands of fans at the biggest football game of the season. This year Miami stadium featured one of the most comprehensive demonstrations of 5G technology to date, as is illustrated in this newscast showing the Miami installation.

“We are happy to report that the VoltServer systems performed flawlessly at the event,” said VoltServer’s CEO, Stephen Eaves. “Well controlled, monitored, resilient power is absolutely critical to stadium customers. Stadium communication systems need to support more than just event operation – they also need to guarantee continuous power during emergencies, evacuations or loss of grid power. Thanks to the careful planning and dedication of our customers, integrators and VoltServer team members, fans could enjoy lighting fast, frustration free video streaming and social media during the game. 5G will enable next-generation technologies that many of us cannot even imagine.”