VoltServer Deployed at Circa Resort

VoltServer was excited to be included as one of the major technology features described in the recent Las Vegas Circa Hotel opening. The hotel focuses on clean air and clean facility operation in a post-COVID environment. As quoted in the Las Vegas Review Journal by co-owner Greg Stevens, ”Digital Electricity™ is more reliable than the traditional version,” Greg says, “and very, very clean.” Should the hotel lose power, guests may not even notice. “Really, for a guest,” he says, “even in a full power outage, you’re going to have Wi-Fi. You’re going to have your thermostat. You’re going to have some communication devices — the phone, iPad — and a couple of lights.”

“VoltServer has a number of Digital Electricity™ deployments in Las Vegas, primarily for powering communication systems,” says VoltServer’s CEO, Steve Eaves. “It is our vision to continue expanding the technology into the intelligent building segment. Right from the start, we saw that the Stevens brothers were very innovative in their approach, and are proud that they included us by implementing Digital Electricity™ in their property”.

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