VoltServer Nominated at New England Venture Capital Association’s 2020 NEVY Awards

VoltServer has been shortlisted for the Powerhouse CleanTech Company of the Year Award in the 2020 NEVY Awards, hosted by the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) and presented by Dell Technologies. The NEVYs, now in their eighth year, celebrate New England’s top innovators, investors and companies across the region’s health care, life science, tech, medtech, and cleantech communities. Final winners will be unveiled via a dynamic live broadcast on December 1, 2020, at 6:30pm.

“The NEVYs were born out of a desire to shine a spotlight on the amazing companies and breakthroughs happening in New England, with each year seeming like the nominees are even more impressive than the last,” said Jody Rose, President of the NEVCA. “That’s certainly no exception with our nominated companies for 2020, whose achievements in their respective fields are truly outstanding. We look forward to showcasing each of them at our December 1st event and celebrating the continued strength and vitality of this region’s innovation ecosystem.”

With a focus on the regional business community, nominees – selected by the NEVYs Academy, comprised of investors from the region’s top venture capital firms – are both locally headquartered and locally backed. The Powerhouse CleanTech Company of the Year nomination goes to companies exemplifying New England’s leading place in the industry.

“We are honored to be nominated by the New England Venture Capital Association for our contribution in the clean tech category” said Stephen Eaves, founder and CEO of VoltServer. “There has been an important movement in the finance community and corporations to invest in sustainable energy technologies, acknowledging that an investment can be beneficial to society and the bottom line simultaneously. New England is the cradle of the industrial revolution with tremendous academic and technical institutions; a fitting center for clean tech activity.”

VoltServer has a strong history of vision and execution for disrupting traditional methods for distributing and managing electricity in commercial office buildings, stadiums, factories, and vertical farms. Digital Electricity™ is very efficient in energy transfer. On the source side, it can interface directly with renewable sources such as wind turbines and solar panels without requiring inefficient DC to AC inverters. On the device side, it can also directly power LED lights without a transformer that typically create significant amounts of heat in wasted energy. But its most important contribution to clean tech is how it enables more efficient building designs and energy management as an energy distribution platform using data cable.

To join the fun, and cheer on our organization’s nomination you can purchase tickets at thenevys.com.

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