VoltServer signs new manufacturer’s rep for New England

VoltServer is excited to partner with Intelligent Network Sales as a new manufacturer representative for New England.

Intelligent Network Sales is a manufacturer’s representative company providing sales and marketing support throughout the NorthEast. INS was founded in 2010 to bring the top IT manufactures to the New England States. Intelligent Network Sales has over 100 years of experience selling and supporting IT manufactures. They focus their efforts in markets including: Healthcare, Education, Financial, Government, Industrial, BioTech, Smart buildings, Data Centers, Global organizations and enterprise.  Intelligent Network Sales offers solutions for Data Centers, DAS, Intelligent Buildings, Power Distribution, and Security.

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Steve Chase

Title: Principal

Located: Walpole MA
Area of coverage: MA, CT, RI,NH, ME and VT
Years in tech: 26
Interests: sports, family, golf and relaxing.
Favorite Team: Whatever team my kids play for.


Sue Tobin

Title: Principal

Located: Westford MA
Area of Coverage: MA, RI, NH and ME
Years in Tech: 30
Interests: lake life, family, cycling, traveling and beach.
Favorite Team: New England Patriots


Dan O’Leary

Title: Account Executive

Located: Newburyport, MA
Area of coverage: MA
Years in tech: 26
Interests: sports, family, golf and sitting on the beach.
Favorite Team: Boston Bruins


Mike Healy

Title: Account Executive

Located: Naugtuck, CT
Area of coverage: CT and VT
Years in tech: 27
Interests: family, golf and beach.
Favorite Team: UConn Huskies


Joe Reardon

Title: Account Executive

Located: Foxboro, MA
Area of coverage: New England
Years in tech: 30
Interests: youth sports, hockey, football and soccer.
Favorite Team: New England Patriots


Maureen Chase

Title: Office Manager

Located: Walpole, MA
Area of coverage: New England
Years in Tech: 10
Interest: family, sports and traveling.
Favorite: New England Patriots