Dylan Ratigan Interview with Stephen Eaves

Watch this tastytrade video where Dylan Ratigan interviews VoltServer founder and CEO, Stephen Eaves.

Digital Electricity is here. Installed in over 1,000 buildings and venues, including office buildings, hotels, stadiums and indoor vertical farms. VoltServer has invented a software-managed electricity transmission format that has the safety, data compatibility, and installation speed of USB or Ethernet cable but the power capability and range of traditional AC power. Steven Eaves is the brainchild of VoltServer. Prior, he founded Modular Energy Device, a lithium-ion company, acquired by EnerSys in 2011. Steven graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from UCONN, and is a US Air Force Veteran.

Watch the interview here: https://www.tastytrade.com/shows/bootstrapping-with-dylan-ratigan/episodes/digital-electricity-is-here-09-01-2022