VoltServer Achieves Cisco Select Developer Status

Another step in empowering more industries with intelligent power distribution


East Greenwich, April 12, 2024 – VoltServer, a leading provider of Digital Electricity™ (DE), Fault Managed Power solutions, has attained Cisco Select Developer status. This accomplishment demonstrates VoltServer’s expertise and solidifies its position as a trusted and valued collaborator within the industry.


The collaboration between VoltServer and Cisco opens new opportunities for both companies to drive innovation in efficient and sustainable power delivery solutions. With VoltServer’s proven expertise in Digital Electricity™ combined with Cisco’s leadership in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, the companies are driving advancements in powering industrial and outdoor environments where traditional power sources are limited or inaccessible.


VoltServer’s Digital Edge Solutions, combined with Cisco’s IIOT platforms, enable enterprise-grade connectivity in even the most rugged and challenging spaces. Together, they empower organizations to deploy Cisco IE Series Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches deeper into their networks, delivering enhanced efficiency, connectivity, and performance.


“We are very excited to become a trusted powering solution for Cisco’s IIoT solutions,” states Matt Giuliano, EVP and GM, Emeritus, Communications and In-Building at VoltServer, “and to continue to work with Cisco’s engineering teams to collectively address joint go-to-market opportunities in several strategic vertical markets including extended campus & outdoor spaces, ports and airports, utilities and oil & gas.”


The attainment of Cisco Select Developer status marks a significant milestone for VoltServer as they continue their 10-year deployment history as the industry’s pioneering leader in Fault Managed Power, via their Digital Electricity platform. “We are driven by innovation and are proud to be setting the standard in Fault Managed Power Systems. Together, with our valued partners, we are solving the world’s power distribution demands and building solutions to create a better future for us all,” says Stephen Eaves, CEO and Founder at VoltServer.


For more information about VoltServer and its innovative power delivery solutions, please visit voltserver.com


About VoltServer:

As electricity needs continue to grow and evolve, VoltServer is solving the world’s power distribution demands through its patented and intelligent Digital Electricity solutions. From state-of-the-art venues to vertical farms and beyond, it delivers proven power distribution solutions that are intelligently efficient, inherently safe, and setting a new standard for reliability, resiliency, and reach. Learn more at www.voltserver.com.