VoltServer’s New Digital Edge Solutions Enable Fast, Efficient Deployment of Critical Distributed Networks

Digital Edge Solutions (DES) Kits bring state-of-the-art, reliable, and cost-effective new power options to the OT and IT markets.

East Greenwich, RI, May 13, 2024 – VoltServer, the pioneering leader in fault-managed power solutions, is transforming network deployment through its new Digital Edge Solutions (DES) portfolio. With this innovation, OT and IT markets now have access to industry-specific solutions that enable faster, more efficient ways to power distributed networks compared to traditional powering solutions.

As more devices connect to networks, they also call for more data and power. To keep up with these demands, many campuses and facilities rely on zone-based architecture and fiber-connected industrial Ethernet (IE) switches.

As a simplified, more cost-effective alternative to traditional AC power installation, DES makes it possible to rapidly deploy critical network infrastructure, with low-voltage DC or AC inputs for IE switches.

VoltServer DES Kits allow network installers and managers to deploy fiber and significant amounts of power through the same cable and data pathway. This solution decreases installation costs and enables campuses and facilities to reduce the infrastructure required to connect devices, remote buildings, and outdoor networks.

The comprehensive kits include everything needed to power essential infrastructure and network elements. They are easy to order and simple to configure, reducing planning and deployment time and expenses by up to 40% compared to other powering options:

  • Minimal or no permitting requirements
  • No electrical separation or conduit requirements
  • No small local UPS requirements
  • Single hybrid cable reduces installation costs
  • Edge-managed switches are deployed closer to endpoints, reducing latency

“Our Digital Edge Solutions are built on our 10 years of Digital Electricity™ deployment experience with Tier 1 network providers,” states Ken Hydzik, executive vice president of global sales at VoltServer. “After revolutionizing power delivery for Tier 1 telecommunications networks, VoltServer is bringing these same proven benefits of Digital Electricity to OT and IT network operators. DES Kits provide a state-of-the-art, reliable, and cost-effective solution for resilient power to critical network elements.”

To learn more about VoltServer, Digital Electricity, and the new DES Kits, visit www.voltserver.com.