Powering the “Factory of the Future” with Digital Electricity ™

As the digital transformation of the modern industrial world transforms legacy manufacturing control systems into converged and hyperconnected IT/OT networks, manufacturers are harnessing emergent technology to maximize workforce potential, reduce risk, increase quality, and deliver sustainable growth.  The Digital Transformation of Industry 4.0 will be characterized by several key networking challenges such as high edge device density, ultra-low latency and zero-trust cyber security.

“Thick-Edge” Data-Hungry analytics and data processing requirements at the edge require larger power budgets and hardware placement at the point of process where the data is generated. With a fiber-based data infrastructure, provisioning power to AI Edge Hardware represents a significant obstacle in industrial edge networking deployments.

VoltServer’s Fault Managed Power Systems support rapid remote-power deployment in digitally connected manufacturing environments, warehouses, distribution centers and across wide campus environments.

Our patented Digital Electricity solutions allow power and fiber deployment in the same pathway providing fast, reliable connectivity for modern manufacturing technologies wherever needed!

Industrial Manufacturing Technology Drivers:

The GenAI Revolution: Generative artificial intelligence/augmented reality (GenAI/AR) rocketed up the technology priority list over the last twelve months, creating fierce demand for industrial applications embedded with this transformative technology. GenAI is a dynamic technology enabling process optimizations such as:

  • Quality Inspection and Assurance: In manufacturing environments, machine learning deployed on edge AI can analyze real-time sensor data to identify defects and ensure product quality.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Machine learning models on edge devices can monitor equipment conditions and predict maintenance needs based on real-time data preventing costly downtime.
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization: Edge AI-driven machine learning can optimize manufacturing processes by analyzing data from various stages of production.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: By analyzing data related to inventory levels, demand forecasts, and transportation logistics, edge AI-powered machine learning can optimize supply chain operations.

Industrial Edge Computing: Consolidating IT and OT resources for data processing at the industrial edge, companies are able to reduce costs, optimize operations and increase uptimes.

Autonomous Mobile Robots: An autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is a type of robot that can understand and move through its environment without being overseen directly by an operator or limited to a fixed, predetermined path. AMR units will require strategically placed charging stations located in new as well as existing manufacturing environments.

Advanced High Throughput Wireless. For today’s enterprise organizations, Wi-Fi 6 and 6E are the go-to wireless solutions. Requires robust network LAN infrastructure with the right cabling to support the increased throughput. Many experts recommend that four Category 6A cables or fiber optic cabling should be deployed to each AP to future-proof the network. Fiber is much more attractive than running 4 Cat 6 cables to each IP BUT Fiber requires an alternate power source than PoE.

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