Digital Power Distribution for


Healthcare operations can’t afford to go offline. VoltServer’s smart dashboard helps you control your electricity in one centralized place, ensuring resiliency when you need it most.

VoltServer Healthcare

Offer unparalleled patient care.

Connectivity is the future of healthcare. Whether you’re operating a small family practice or a hospital, your patients, medical professionals, and support staff rely on always-on connectivity to improve patient outcomes. 

But connectivity is a challenge, especially with the number of IoT devices at your location. If you’re managing a large campus, it’s even more difficult running power to your remote stations to keep everyone online. 

VoltSever helps healthcare providers leverage Digital Electricity™ to provide intelligent connectivity at their location. If your building loses power, Digital Electricity™’s uninterruptible power stations ensure your mission-critical systems won’t fail. When lives are on the line, Digital Electricity™ gives healthcare providers the peace of mind they need to serve their patients.

How can Digital Electricity™ help my hospital?

VoltServer builds intelligent buildings, enables wireless densification, and much more with the power of Digital Electricity™. Use our safer, more affordable technology in your next infrastructure update.