Digital Electricity™ provides always-on energy for hotels, airports, restaurants, and their guests. Our solutions help you add or remove devices, offer fully digital customer service, and provide reliable wifi.

VoltServer Hospitality

Offer an unparalleled guest experience.

Your customers and guests expect a top-notch experience. But slow wifi, glitchy POS systems, and power outages make it a challenge for hospitality professionals to offer exceptional experiences. 

VoltServer Digital Electricity™ ensures hospitality businesses not only provide a seamless customer experience, but stay profitable and safe in the process. 

Our uninterruptible power supply helps restaurants run their freezers so they don’t lose out on thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory during a power outage. Hotels rely on Digital Electricity™ to run essentials like cameras, locks, and other essential electrical equipment. VoltServer also helps airports fulfill travelers’ demands for consistent 4G and 5G speeds at even the most challenging locations.

How can Digital Electricity™ help my business?

VoltServer builds intelligent buildings, enables wireless densification, and much more with the power of Digital Electricity™. Use our safer, more affordable technology in your next infrastructure update.