Downtime is killing your profitability. VoltServer helps manufacturers create uninterruptible power stations enclosed in a central, climate-controlled environment to maintain productivity. 

VoltServer Manufacturing

You power America. Let us power you.

Manufacturers are a critical part of the supply chain. But your plant needs reliable, safe energy solutions to keep operations running 24/7. Just a few minutes of power loss can devastate employee health, public safety, and business productivity. 

Digital Electricity™ gives manufacturers more control over their operations. See your electricity usage in one centralized dashboard for easy management. Your IT personnel has the freedom to add or remove devices as needed to keep your operation streamlined and secure. Thanks to our simple process, even the largest manufacturing plants can reduce installation and maintenance costs. 

Rely on VoltServer to keep your machines, devices, and people working safely—no matter what. 

How can Digital Electricity™ help my plant?

VoltServer builds intelligent buildings, enables wireless densification, and much more with the power of Digital Electricity™. Use our safer, more affordable technology in your next infrastructure update.