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4G and 5G are a big draw to building tenants. Real estate brands trust VoltServer to keep their office spaces connected, energy-efficient, and safe.

VoltServer Real Estate

Embrace building intelligence

VoltServer helps real estate professionals reduce costs, run energy-efficient operations, and provide non-stop connectivity to their tenants. 

4G and 5G speeds are a huge draw for all tenants, especially in commercial office buildings. Real estate offices need to provide reliable connectivity to attract and retain tenants for the long-term. 

But standard electrical systems are expensive, dangerous, and time-consuming to install and maintain. Digital Electricity™ gives real estate professionals ultimate control and flexibility over their environment. From lighting to security systems to wifi, Digital Electricity™ allows you to create one centralized backup, avoid the high costs of core drilling, and maintain your system without calling an electrician. 

How can Digital Electricity™ help my property?

VoltServer builds intelligent buildings, enables wireless densification, and much more with the power of Digital Electricity™. Use our safer, more affordable technology in your next infrastructure update.