Sports Entertainment

Sports fans want to stream the game, chat with friends, and share photos. If your wifi infrastructure is struggling to keep up with demand, Digital Electricity™ fills the gaps.

VoltServer Real Estate

Consistent 5G at every game.

Sports stadiums and arenas are growing at an exponential rate. But as arenas grow larger and more impressive, wifi and power systems are struggling to keep up. Instead of spending more time and money on traditional electrical systems, more sports stadiums are installing Digital Electricity™. 

Digital Electricity™ helps stadiums run mobile communications for fans, players, announcers, and more at all the hottest games of the season. Our system ensures sports professionals make 5G readily available for all fans, no matter where they are at the stadium, with reliable and controllable energy.

Digital Electricity™ also helps stadiums offer resilient, uninterruptible power during emergencies. Safely host the community in the safety of your arena with the peace of mind that your mission-critical operations won’t lose power.

How can Digital Electricity™ help my arena?

VoltServer builds intelligent buildings, enables wireless densification, and much more with the power of Digital Electricity™. Use our safer, more affordable technology in your next infrastructure update.