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What is Digital Electricity™ technology?

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Revolutionizing the future of energy.

There has not been much innovation around electricity since Tesla and Edison battled it out in the late 1800s. VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ is a groundbreaking new way to distribute power.  Digital Electricity™ allows for controlled power distribution that is safe, less expensive, faster to install, more energy efficient, and meets the needs for an increasingly digital world.

Digital Electricity™ is a line powering system.

Line powering is a means of energizing remote equipment, from a centralized location, over structured copper cable.

Digital Electricity™ systems offer the convenience and safety of low-voltage, like Power over Ethernet (PoE), with the power and distance capabilities of AC.

The technology leverages our patented packet energy transfer to deliver significant power over significant distances.  The technology splits energy into packets and transfers hundreds of packets each second from a Transmitter unit to a Receiver unit. Safety is continuously monitored after every packet and if there is a fault such as improper wiring, a short circuit, or a person is touching the transmission lines, the transmitter recognizes the condition in milliseconds and halts the transmission of packets. The result is safe electrical transmission at high power levels and an inherent ability to digitally control a host of modern electronic devices connected to the distribution system.

Proven performance.

Digital Electricity™ systems are a proven line-powering technology listed to IEC 62368-1 as a Limited Power Source which allows installation using standard multi-conductor cabling, typically without conduit, while conforming to the NEC and CEC Code standards for building installation.

Digital Electricity™ qualifies to use Class 2 wiring methods but has significant power capacity to directly energize high-power devices. Digital Electricity™ cabling can run alongside or together with fiber in both vertical and horizontal spaces to deliver power to remote devices.

The Digital Electricity™ technology allows unparalleled construction, performance, and safety advantages over any alternative power method.

VoltServer’s technology is installed in marquee venues around the world including:

    • Sports Stadiums and Arenas
    • Class A Office Towers 
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • Airports and other Passenger Terminals
    • Macro towers, Rooftop macros, and Small cells
    • Warehouses and Manufacturing facilities
    • Industry Leading Controlled Environment Agriculture Facilities

How Digital Electricity™ Systems Work

AC or DC analog electricity from the grid, battery plant, or UPS.

The Transmitter converts Analog AC or DC to Digital Electricity.

The Digital Electricity packets are sent over low-cost structured cable.

Receivers convert the Digital Electricity back into Analog AC or DC. 

The Analog AC or DC can power 1 or more remote load devices.

Conventional Electricity

DE Transmitter

Structured Cable

Energy Packet

DE Receiver

Local Loads


Safety Check

Discrete “packets” of electricity, every packet is checked for safe transfer from transmitter to receiver.
Each packet contains only a very small amount of energy,
Each packet is not harmful to people, animals, systems, or buildings.
The VoltServer products are listed and certified to safety and EMC standards by a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory.​

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Digital Electricity™ systems offer the benefits of low-voltage with the power and distance capabilities of AC.

Class 1

Very High-Power Levels
NEC Article 300 Wiring Methods
Conduit and Permits required
Large wire gauge
Long range

Class 2

Low voltage AC or DC
100W max Power Limit for Safety
NEC Article 725 Wiring Methods
No Conduit or Permits required
Gauge is power and distance dependant
Limited Range

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Digital Electricity™ technology offers the best of both!

Supports AC or DC loads
High Power Levels up to 2000W
NEC Article 725 / CEC Rule 16-200 Wiring Methods
Class 2 wiring practices (No Conduit, etc)
Small wire gauge
Long range

Take Control of Your Energy

Digital Electricity™ technology is natively data-based with inherent intelligence built-in. Monitor and control from any location with included software. Audit power consumption in real-time.

Digital Electricity Technology In Practice


Structured Cable


The Benefits of Digital Electricity™ Technology

Monitoring and Control

Natively provides remote monitoring and control of electrical power allocation. Centralized monitoring and control point for all power circuits for energy management decisions.

Cost to Install

Utilize existing data pathways, leverage hybrid fiber cable, and a smaller electrical room footprint. Thinner wire decreases commodity costs and more wire can be used per raceway.


Mission-critical systems require reliable, uninterruptible power. Digital Electricity™ enables a centralized backup power architecture that is more economic and easier to manage than distributed models.

Speed to Deploy

Unlike AC, Digital Electricity™ does not require dedicated conduits. Power can be delivered in existing data pathways or even in the same cable as fiber optics. It is less disruptive to tenants to deploy, and in many regions permits are not required.


Reduces consumed material by eliminating need for conduit. Reduces proliferation of lead acid batteries in edge locations. The platform is extremely energy efficient and can qualify for leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) credits.


Moves, adds, and changes are needed as technology, spaces, and needs evolve. These can often be completed by in-house IT staff using the modularity of the VoltServer platform and the Class 2 wiring practices it enables. (Note: jurisdiction dependant)


Stops hazardous current within milliseconds. The fundamental danger inherent in AC or HVDC electricity makes today’s electrical systems expensive to install or change. Reduce the danger to your installers, occupants, and guests.


The modularity of the system allows simple upgrades to add more endpoint load devices. Deploying dark copper from the start can avoid costly new cable runs for future upgrades.


Power can be cycled to individual devices, often resolving issues without having to physically visit the site. This saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary site visits, or solving a problem for sites that are hard to reach.


Digital Electricity™ is a breakthrough, offering a less expensive, safer and more efficient way to distribute electricity that can make buildings more affordable and flexible. Over time, that can make cities more affordable, sustainable, and adaptable as our needs change.

Working with the professional’s at VoltServer has allowed Westfield to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. Their staff has guided us through the project to ensure that our outcomes far exceed our expectations. VoltServer is one of the top vendors that we have ever had the pleasure of working with.

“The VoltServer team worked with our design team from the beginning to ensure the best possible application of Digital Electricity™ to help determine where it provided the most value for Circa.” Said Greg. “Additionally, their team provided top notch support throughout the deployment cycle to our construction teams all the way up to opening.”

VoltServer's Digital Electricity™, is a transformative technology, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of last mile communication networks and facilitating greater service enablement.

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Digital Electricity™ Systems Enable Digital Transformation​