VoltServer and KelTech IoT Sign Strategic Partnership to Address Small Cell Challenges

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VoltServer Inc. and KelTech IoT announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement to address the challenges of last mile communication networks. By harnessing KelTech IoT’s dual distributed network deployment methodology that incorporates VoltServer Digital Electricity™, the economics of deploying macro, small and micro cells has been transformed. The Dual Distributed Network (DDN) tackles this challenge through a symbiotic convergence of energy and data in a single integrated solution, yielding a significant saving in both capex and opex.

VoltServer Powers GreenSeal Cannabis Co.’s Tiered, Indoor Cannabis Operation with Precision, Helping to Optimize Lighting

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GreenSeal Cannabis Co. incorporates experimentation into every aspect of its indoor cultivation operation. With so much experimentation happening, it’s important for GreenSeal to be able to shift techniques on the fly, and VoltServer’s technology gives them that flexibility. Digital Electricity™’s inherent safety also gives growers more control over how electricity is delivered.

VoltServer Joins the KLA Labs KLArity Ecosystem Partners Platform


Dearborn, Michigan based KLA Laboratories, Inc., a 92-year-old family-owned firm providing a range of information technology and communication projects and services, is proud to announce VoltServer as a partner in the KLArity Ecosystem Partners Platform. The Platform was created to enable KLA to help their customers navigate the landscape of emerging technologies and the integration of those solutions in their respective environments and facilities.

Build Cost-efficient and Energy-saving Communications Infrastructure with ADRF and VoltServer


5G is poised to bring innovation to supply chains through massive IoT capabilities, enable advanced artificial intelligence applications as well as augmented and virtual reality experiences at scale to improve operational efficiencies and reinvent workflows.

ADRF Reduces In-Building Wireless OpEx with VoltServer Digital Electricity™

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Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF) announced today its compatibility with VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ offerings to provide low costnetwork installation and safe power distribution. Digital Electricity™ works in concert with ADRF’s ADXV Series DAS for commercial and public safety service bands as well as its PSR Series public safety repeaters.

VoltServer Raises $7.4 Million to Revolutionize Cities and Buildings Through Digital Electricity™

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Sidewalk Labs Becomes Key Investor to Help VoltServer Make Electricity Safer, More Cost Effective and Efficient

EAST GREENWICH, RI, November 14, 2019 — VoltServer, the inventor of a new form of power called Digital Electricity™, announced today that it has raised a $7.4 million Series A, supported by Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs. The funding will allow VoltServer to expand its Digital Electricity™ (DE) offerings at scale, powering the digitally connected world in a safer, more cost effective and efficient way than traditional alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electricity.

The only new form of electricity since AC and DC, DE is made up of discrete packets of energy and data and efficiently runs on cables that are thin, safe, inexpensive, flexible and data-enabled, making DE the ideal powering solution for complex and evolving infrastructure systems. With enough power to energize a hi-rise or football stadium, VoltServer’s technology is already installed in over 700 venues, and will continue to expand its offerings beyond communications infrastructure to power entire buildings.

“There has not been much innovation around electricity since Tesla and Edison battled it out in the late 1800s,” said Stephen Eaves, CEO of VoltServer. “But Digital Electricity™ allows for controlled power distribution that is safe, less expensive, faster to install, more energy efficient, and perfect for an increasingly digital world. At scale, VoltServer’s technology will make buildings less expensive to construct, operate, and change over time.”

With its investment, Sidewalk Labs joins Marker Hill Capital, Slater Technology Fund, Natural Resources Capital Management, Clean Energy Venture Group, Angel Street Capital and Consiton Capital in recognizing the potential of Digital Electricity™.

“Electricity powers our world, but the fundamental danger inherent in AC or DC electricity makes today’s electrical systems expensive to install or change. Digital Electricity™ is a breakthrough, offering a less expensive, safer and more efficient way to distribute electricity that can make buildings more affordable and flexible. Over time, that can make cities more affordable, sustainable, and adaptable as our needs change,” Dan Doctoroff, chairman and CEO of Sidewalk Labs said.

VoltServer currently offers DE for Mobile Radio Power, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch Power, Mobile Edge Compute Servers, High Speed Communications Power, Smart LED Lighting Power, UPS/Centralized Battery Backup, and DC Microgrid.

VoltServer helps ExteNet reduce costs and speed delivery of in-building/in-venue mobile network installations


VoltServer partner ExteNet is featured in the first print issue of Connected Real Estate Magazine. Extenet uses VoltServer’s Digital Electricity technology to reduce deployment costs and improve delivery times for in-building DAS installations.

Digital Electricity powers EE tethered drones for Emergency Response and Rural Broadband


UK Mobile carrier EE, recently demonstrated deployment of “on demand” 4G network coverage for using VoltServer Digital Electricity for power.

MIT Technology Review: Solar Panels that Configure Themselves


VoltServer is working with the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems as part of the US Department of Energy “Plug-and-Play” Solar research project. The goal of the project is to reduce costs and increase safety for residential solar installations.