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Industrial Internet of Things IIOT

Industry 4.0 is a driving force behind the Digital Transformation of the modern industrial world. Never have we seen such a revolution to develop an ecosystem to collect, monitor, and analyze data from industrial operations. Analysis of such data helps to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve safety and security.

Fault Managed Power Systems is an enabling technology that has the power to dramatically accelerate industry 4.0 digitization.

Powering PoE Switches

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings benefits to the building of the future by reducing operating costs, increasing energy efficiency, and improving tenant safety and comfort. Edge devices span a wide range of applications from lighting to workstations to security systems.

Industrial Private Networks

New private 4G and 5G networks are adopting the same technology that was historically only used by mobile network operators. Private industrial networks offer key benefits for industrial IoT. A dedicated local network, with carrier grade performance and security, can be customized for specific features and functions like low-latency or quality of service. Private networks can address cellular coverage and capacity within facilities at a much lower cost than DAS.

4G and 5G Rooftop Macro

Planning new sites on rooftops can involve structural loading calculations and could restrict the availability of suitable locations. Upgrades of existing tower and rooftop sites by adding more and more equipment due to new operators or technology/frequency additions. Existing sites are the most suitable due to an existing backhaul connection.

4G and 5G DAS

High-capacity 4G and 5G is a requirement to attracting and retaining tenants in both public and private venues. Professional sports stadiums have seen exponential growth in data traffic during events, and Wi-Fi cannot keep up. New private networks are adopting the same technology that was historically only used by mobile network operators, so building owners can offer unique new services to tenants and guests.

Innovation in Power Distribution Helps Enterprises Meet Wireless Needs

As we continue to become an increasingly connected society, cellular coverage in facilities has transitioned from “nice-to-have” to joining the ranks of electric, gas, and water as the fourth utility. Building managers aren’t just investing in wireless networks to provide good cellular service to staff and guests, but to enable digital experiences. 

Cybersecurity Best Practices for
Embedded Software

Cybersecurity is dependent on numerous
factors, including threat model, physical
environment, and the network environment
where the product resides. As such, this guide
is not meant to be exhaustive but a baseline of
cybersecurity best practices for VoltServer
products in deployed environments.

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