Tesla and Edison ask What is Digital Electricity

Digital Electricity™
Is Revolutionizing the Future of Energy

VoltServer’s Digital Electricity is a groundbreaking new way to distribute power.  Digital Electricity allows for controlled power distribution that is safe, less expensive, faster to install, more energy efficient, and meets the needs for an increasingly digital world.

Digital Electricity systems offer the convenience and safety of low-voltage, like Power over Ethernet (PoE), with the power and distance capabilities of AC.

How Digital Electricity™ Works

The technology leverages our patented packet energy transfer to deliver significant power over significant distances safely. The technology splits energy into packets and transfers hundreds of packets each second from a Transmitter unit to a Receiver unit. Safety is continuously monitored after every packet and if there is a fault such as improper wiring, a short circuit, or a person is touching the transmission lines, the transmitter recognizes the condition in milliseconds and halts the transmission of packets.

The result is safe electrical transmission at high power levels and an inherent ability to digitally control a host of modern electronic devices connected to the distribution system.

Digital Electricity products are listed and certified to safety and EMC standards by a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory.

Digital Electricity™, Intelligent Power for:

Intelligent Networks

Provide the most reliable and cost-effective remote powering solution for 5G radios and Wi-Fi access points that are optimally located for coverage and capacity.


  • 5G DAS and DRAN
  • 5G Rooftop Macros
  • Enterprise and Venue Wi-Fi
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Intelligent Farms

Digital Electricity protects your employees, agtech equipment, crop, and entire facility from the hazards of conventional electricity.

Indoor Vertical Farms

  • Cannabis
  • Leafy Greens
  • Fruits and Vegetables
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Intelligent Buildings

Provide a centralized, policy-controlled back-up and power management platform for business-critical application.


  • Private 5G
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi
  • Industrial IoT
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Benefits of Digital Electricity™


A revolutionary Packetized Energy Transfer protocol protects your employees and facility from electrical hazards with safety checks every few milliseconds. 500 safety checks per second.


Fast and simple to deploy, Digital Electricity requires a fraction of the time and cost to install compared to conventional electricity.


Power LEDs with flexible 18AWG cable from a centralized location: omitting conduit, circuit breakers, LED drivers and other costly infrastructure. Moves, adds, and changes can often be completed by in-house IT staff using the modularity of the platform and Class 2 wiring practices it enables

Monitoring and Control

Monitor, program and optimize energy consumption, DLI, photoperiod and more with native, data-based control software. Natively provides remote monitoring and control of electrical power

What Our Clients Say About Digital Electricity™

“Digital Electricity™ is a breakthrough, offering a less expensive, safer and more efficient way to distribute electricity that can make buildings more affordable and flexible. Over time, that can make cities more affordable, sustainable, and adaptable as our needs change.”
Dan Doctoroff, chairman and CEO of Sidewalk Labs
“The VoltServer team worked with our design team from the beginning to ensure the best possible application of Digital Electricity™ to help determine where it provided the most value for Circa.” Said Greg. “Additionally, their team provided top notch support throughout the deployment cycle to our construction teams all the way up to opening.”
Greg Stevens, Owner of Circa Resort and casino
“Working with the professional’s at VoltServer has allowed Westfield to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. Their staff has guided us through the project to ensure that our outcomes far exceed our expectations. VoltServer is one of the top vendors that we have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
Brian Auker, Westfield Schools CTO
“VoltServer's Digital Electricity™, is a transformative technology, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of last mile communication networks and facilitating greater service enablement.”
Mark Kellett, CEO of KelTech IoT
“It took us more time to unpack the boxes than to install the Digital Electricity system... It really did!”
Bill Garrock, President of Cunningham Electric
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