Fort Worth Downtown Home to First “Intelligent Building” in Texas

Farukh Aslam is a real estate developer in Fort Worth who is currently remodeling 3 historic buildings in downtown Fort Worth.

Early on in the project Aslam joined hands with VoltServer, a Providence Rhode Island based company to deploy their patented “Digital Electricity” solution to power the Cisco switches. “This is revolutionary” says Aslam. “We can install our VoltServer Transmitter in the basement next to the Electrical switch-gear and run power to anywhere in our 10 story building us 18/2 speaker cable. We re currently powering 2000 Watts of power supplies in our 24 port Cisco UPoE switches using 200 ft CAT 5e cable. This is all classified as Class II power and we don’t even need an electrician” said Alsam.


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