Empowering the Future of Electricity Distribution through Digital Innovation

As the first company to invent, patent and commercialize the distribution of electricity in a natively digital format,  Digital Electricity™ is recognized as a dedicated section in the 2023 National Electric Code and Underwriters Laboratory which is referred to as “Fault Managed Power Systems” or “Class 4 Power,” signifying its importance and potential impact. 




Digital Electricity by VoltServer


Analog Electricity


Digital Electricity™

What is Digital Electricity™?

Power distribution technology has remained the same since 1886…until now…VoltServer™ is revolutionizing the way power is distributed through their patented technology, Digital Electricity™This innovative technology offers the convenience and safety of low-voltage, like Power over Ethernet (PoE), with the power and distance capabilities of AC.

Education Series: Intro to Fault Managed Power

How often do you think about what’s powering the device you’re using or watching?

Electricity is an innovation we take for granted, but it has an interesting and controversial past—and it’s about to experience a serious disruption for the very first time.

Everything we do relies on electricity, and our dependence on it is only getting stronger.

That’s why fault-managed power systems were born.

Join Steve Eaves, the CEO of VoltServer, as he leads you through the inaugural course, “Introduction to Fault Managed Power Systems,” on our new education platform.

This general overview provides a deep dive into the historical context and industry transformation brought about by Fault Managed Power Systems, emphasizing safety and the revolutionary concept of Digital Electricity.

Experience the Power of Digital Electricity™

VoltServer revolutionizes the way power is distributed and empowers businesses and organizations to quickly and safely distribute electrical energy that is resilient and sustainable at a lower cost than traditional analog methods. VoltServer’s innovative technology can be applied across multiple industries, including 5G and Wi-Fi wireless communication networks, indoor agriculture, and intelligent buildings, leading to a more energy-efficient and interconnected future.

Wireless Densification

VoltServer’s remote power solution is designed to efficiently power and support wireless communication devices in remote locations to enable high-bandwidth connectivity for 5G and Wi-Fi networks.


VoltServer’s technology facilitates granular and accurate control of power delivery, making it easier to manage lighting and environmental systems with higher efficiency.

Intelligent Buildings

Digital Electricity™ revolutionizes real estate by providing a smart, cost-effective property technology platform for seamless power delivery. It empowers users to control various aspects such as security and lighting efficiently.