Industries We Serve

VoltServer provides reliable power when you need it most. While you can find VoltServer in hundreds of buildings across the US, we specialize in serving several industries.


Digital Electricity™ provides always-on energy for hotels, airports, restaurants, and their guests. Our solutions help you add or remove devices, offer fully digital customer service, and provide reliable wifi no matter what.

Real estate

4G and 5G are a big draw to building tenants. Real estate brands trust VoltServer to keep their office spaces connected, energy-efficient, and safe.

Sports entertainment

Sports fans want to stream the game, chat with friends, and share photos. If your wifi infrastructure is struggling to keep up with demand, Digital Electricity™ fills the gaps.


Healthcare operations can’t afford to go offline. VoltServer’s smart dashboard helps you control your electricity in one centralized place, ensuring resiliency when you need it most. 


Public schools use Digital Electricity™ to power their IoT devices and save thousands of dollars in operating expenses.


Downtime is killing your profitability. VoltServer helps manufacturers create uninterruptible power stations enclosed in a central area in a climate-controlled environment to maintain productivity.